Clarins Double Serum


This serum of Clarins is must have. Many of my friends feel that Clarins are pregnant women using. In fact, we have ignored the Clarins’ function of skincare is also very nice. Many of YouTubers recommended this serum before, so I bought it. And I found that the repair function is really nice.

This serum made of half oil and half toner. When you press it the oil and water will outflow by volume of best ratio. And use palms to warm the serum. Finally, press the serum into skin until it absorbed. I always press the volume of three times, because I have to apply onto my neck. It absorbs quickly, not sticky, and very moist. After a period of time, I found that pores actually become smaller! In addition, the smell is very good. Clarins finds the fragrance of the master to make this incense.

Anyway, it is very nice, sensitive skin will be must have. And I think it worth repurchase, when I use up.


The Ginza

WechatIMG6The Ginza.

The bottle looks very nice. Last night, I use the pink bottle that is rose oil. I don’t know how to describe my feeling except too comfortable. I have a Super pleasant skin care experience with the Ginza.


The Ginza Rose Massage Oil:

It is very easy to be absorbed. I didn’t need to massage long time. In addition, except rose flavor, there is a bodhi incense. The taste is very elegant. After massage, the skin will become ruddy. The sense of use is 100 points. It really can help skin keep the health, which skin always looks like ruddy. My skin has been changed that looks like healthy luster. If the skin condition is very nice to use this product, which would make your skin healthier. However, if your skin has problem and dry, do not hope it can help you.

WechatIMG4The Ginza Lift Conditioner:

It is not exfoliating toner, although the bottle looks like. This need to use the cotton pad to apply. The face is very refreshing, when applied. It has slightly alcoholic flavor. The main functions are firming and oil control. But texture is very mild. It suitable for morning makeup, oil control effect really good. The disadvantage is that the volume is not much. But the bottle looks quite large. I used up it for two months.


TAKAMI horny beauty solution:

WechatIMG10In fact, I want to put some magic things together, but I cannot help waiting! If I do not talk about it tonight, I would be sleeplessness absolutely. If you find that you use whatever skincare products that cannot be absorbed. Or apply skincare products, but do not have the effect that like before. That means you should soften the horny. In my opinion, I do not like scrub to exfoliate. I feel that scrub will injury my skin. However, this horny softening solution is very mild. When I finish applying it I feel my skin become smooth and soft. And the follow-up skincare products are absorbed soon. The texture is Watery, used in the after cleansing. The whole face with the amount of half the tube, be sure to put on the face for three minutes to soften the skin, and then apply with other follow-up products. Continuous use it for a week, the skin is ultra-delicate, the pores did not feel so ugly that like before. I do not know whether or not the psychological effect. However, it has disadvantages that it is estimated half a month to use up.


My Favorite


I used to lazy not painted sunscreen, and now look at the top of the most willing to spend money that is the face of sunscreen. Requirements on the three points: enough sun protection factor, fresh and effective. I like these two, in contrast, Lamer taste good smell, and there is bright effect, you can directly apply as primer. And oil control effect is good. Cpb more like a cream, very moist, tasteless, and follow-up foundation is docile. Previous I misunderstand with the function of sunscreen, I think the sunscreen only can keep my skin tone, but in fact, it is function that is anti-aging. I Adhere to use the sunscreen a year, regardless of winter, summer, cloudy, indoors, or outdoors. I did not have a new spot.



Filorga Anti-wrinkle lightening Mask: My friends come back from Spain and take me a sample. It is need to thick coat on the face, is a little bit airtight. I like the taste, a kind of cream feeling. It not easy to is best to use a cotton pad dipped in water to remove. And then washed with water. After that, the skin will be suppler, and it have a good moisturizing effect, suitable for long-term use. But it can not be a first aid mask, with an effect is not obvious for one times. In general, it is still relatively mild mask. The old French brand professionally study the anti-old product. In recently, I bought the a new eye cream from this brand. When I run out of it will report it.


La mer the Lifting and Firming Mask


Lamer the Lifting and Firming Mask: This is a mask that is full of points for other function but does not fit. I do not understand why to call this name. But, this mask is really I used all the sleep mask in the top1. Always feel sleep mask = acne, because the skin cannot breathe all night. But it definitely not, creamy texture of the mask. It be absorbed quickly, lamer classic smell, and then massage the way according to circular motion. The absorption is particularly fast, instant feeling mask absorbed, feels a kind of matte texture.


Do not have to use every day, I have two or three times a week, or stay up all night when the skin is not good, before going to bed applied with a massage method on the instructions, in fact, circular motion. And go to sleep directly, wake up the next morning will be surprised by my own skin condition. There is no sense of burnout, like sleeping eight hours after the skin condition.


The official statement is finished after 10 minutes and then applied with cream, but I do not like to applied thick before sleep, I always feel the skin can not breathe. so everyone applied according to your own preferences. I feel this sleep mask can replace the cream, is Lamer classic cream enhanced version.


The key to praise is that the texture of the brush that is also very good. But I was reluctant to use brush to apply this expensive mask. According to the instruction, use the finger pulp or brush to apply the mask, so it can be directly with your fingertips does not matter.


Finally, I have to talk about the lamer bottle design, a huge box, opened and found the jar is also very heavy, in fact, the mask only 50ml.


Albion Skin Condition Essential

Albion Skin Condition Essential:


The Skin Condition Essential is controversial products. So I bought the smallest bottle to try, with a big fresh bottle of milk. It seems to continue to buy the Albion Skin Condition Essential. The overall feeling, it does not bring amazing effect that like SK2, but it does not irritate that like CPB the skin. Overall, it is very comfortable, and I will repurchase.

Using feelings:

the order of skin care is different to like before. It will use the milk first, after that apply the toner. This toner comes with a very nostalgic soapy fragrance, I quite like it. Although it contains the alcohol, more soft than CPB. After using, the skin is not oily and fresh.For dry skin, it does not have distinct effect. And because the oil control, the skin would become very dry. But for the skin occasionally out of the problem of mixed skin, can play a good calming effect. It is used for long-term will assist to balance water and oil for skin.


it is not amazing but very comfortable. Prevention effect is greater than the treatment. If you have had pimple on face, the Albion toner would not improve your condition. If you occasionally have problems, hoping to achieve the effect of calm, the Albion toner more suitable for first aid.





Today, I will introduce 3 different concealers of brand. The first one is MAC Matchmaster concealer, the color number is 1. It is a stick, which we can spin the bottom to use it. The coverage is not good for concealer. If it is a foundation, I think it has good coverage. However, the texture is also not good. I think it is a little bit dry for me. I always use it for me dark circle, which the wrinkles that under my eyes appear distinctly. But, I am oil skin, I also feel it dry, the dry skin maybe feels it more dry.

The texture is too thick,  and it looks like more powdery .

The second is Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. This little Plate contain the creamy concealer and pressed powder. But, the pressed powder is not useful for me. And the concealer color and powder color are different. The powder color more yellow than concealer. So the powder color can not match my skin tone. I think this price is not valued. However, the creamy concealer is good. Easy to make up, and is not very dry. The important point is that has high coverage. It can cover my dark circle perfectly, and even can cover my acne.

The concealer will be done, but the powder is almost new.The third one is my favorite that

Maybelline New Age Rewind. I always call it eraser.  I got it in recently, I think the texture, coverage and price, all of these are perfect. It is most cheap in my all concealers. But, it has high coverage that can cover every spots on my face. And the texture is creamy as well, but it waterier than Bobbi Brown.

This blog is all my feelings, if you like something that I mentioned in my blog, I ‘m saying sorry to you. I don’t want to express something is not good, which just not suit me.

And thank you to read my blog^ ^