Today, I will introduce 3 different concealers of brand. The first one is MAC Matchmaster concealer, the color number is 1. It is a stick, which we can spin the bottom to use it. The coverage is not good for concealer. If it is a foundation, I think it has good coverage. However, the texture is also not good. I think it is a little bit dry for me. I always use it for me dark circle, which the wrinkles that under my eyes appear distinctly. But, I am oil skin, I also feel it dry, the dry skin maybe feels it more dry.

The texture is too thick,  and it looks like more powdery .

The second is Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. This little Plate contain the creamy concealer and pressed powder. But, the pressed powder is not useful for me. And the concealer color and powder color are different. The powder color more yellow than concealer. So the powder color can not match my skin tone. I think this price is not valued. However, the creamy concealer is good. Easy to make up, and is not very dry. The important point is that has high coverage. It can cover my dark circle perfectly, and even can cover my acne.

The concealer will be done, but the powder is almost new.The third one is my favorite that

Maybelline New Age Rewind. I always call it eraser.  I got it in recently, I think the texture, coverage and price, all of these are perfect. It is most cheap in my all concealers. But, it has high coverage that can cover every spots on my face. And the texture is creamy as well, but it waterier than Bobbi Brown.

This blog is all my feelings, if you like something that I mentioned in my blog, I ‘m saying sorry to you. I don’t want to express something is not good, which just not suit me.

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