Clarins Double Serum


This serum of Clarins is must have. Many of my friends feel that Clarins are pregnant women using. In fact, we have ignored the Clarins’ function of skincare is also very nice. Many of YouTubers recommended this serum before, so I bought it. And I found that the repair function is really nice.

This serum made of half oil and half toner. When you press it the oil and water will outflow by volume of best ratio. And use palms to warm the serum. Finally, press the serum into skin until it absorbed. I always press the volume of three times, because I have to apply onto my neck. It absorbs quickly, not sticky, and very moist. After a period of time, I found that pores actually become smaller! In addition, the smell is very good. Clarins finds the fragrance of the master to make this incense.

Anyway, it is very nice, sensitive skin will be must have. And I think it worth repurchase, when I use up.


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