The Ginza

WechatIMG6The Ginza.

The bottle looks very nice. Last night, I use the pink bottle that is rose oil. I don’t know how to describe my feeling except too comfortable. I have a Super pleasant skin care experience with the Ginza.


The Ginza Rose Massage Oil:

It is very easy to be absorbed. I didn’t need to massage long time. In addition, except rose flavor, there is a bodhi incense. The taste is very elegant. After massage, the skin will become ruddy. The sense of use is 100 points. It really can help skin keep the health, which skin always looks like ruddy. My skin has been changed that looks like healthy luster. If the skin condition is very nice to use this product, which would make your skin healthier. However, if your skin has problem and dry, do not hope it can help you.

WechatIMG4The Ginza Lift Conditioner:

It is not exfoliating toner, although the bottle looks like. This need to use the cotton pad to apply. The face is very refreshing, when applied. It has slightly alcoholic flavor. The main functions are firming and oil control. But texture is very mild. It suitable for morning makeup, oil control effect really good. The disadvantage is that the volume is not much. But the bottle looks quite large. I used up it for two months.


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