TAKAMI horny beauty solution:

WechatIMG10In fact, I want to put some magic things together, but I cannot help waiting! If I do not talk about it tonight, I would be sleeplessness absolutely. If you find that you use whatever skincare products that cannot be absorbed. Or apply skincare products, but do not have the effect that like before. That means you should soften the horny. In my opinion, I do not like scrub to exfoliate. I feel that scrub will injury my skin. However, this horny softening solution is very mild. When I finish applying it I feel my skin become smooth and soft. And the follow-up skincare products are absorbed soon. The texture is Watery, used in the after cleansing. The whole face with the amount of half the tube, be sure to put on the face for three minutes to soften the skin, and then apply with other follow-up products. Continuous use it for a week, the skin is ultra-delicate, the pores did not feel so ugly that like before. I do not know whether or not the psychological effect. However, it has disadvantages that it is estimated half a month to use up.



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