My Favorite


I used to lazy not painted sunscreen, and now look at the top of the most willing to spend money that is the face of sunscreen. Requirements on the three points: enough sun protection factor, fresh and effective. I like these two, in contrast, Lamer taste good smell, and there is bright effect, you can directly apply as primer. And oil control effect is good. Cpb more like a cream, very moist, tasteless, and follow-up foundation is docile. Previous I misunderstand with the function of sunscreen, I think the sunscreen only can keep my skin tone, but in fact, it is function that is anti-aging. I Adhere to use the sunscreen a year, regardless of winter, summer, cloudy, indoors, or outdoors. I did not have a new spot.



Filorga Anti-wrinkle lightening Mask: My friends come back from Spain and take me a sample. It is need to thick coat on the face, is a little bit airtight. I like the taste, a kind of cream feeling. It not easy to is best to use a cotton pad dipped in water to remove. And then washed with water. After that, the skin will be suppler, and it have a good moisturizing effect, suitable for long-term use. But it can not be a first aid mask, with an effect is not obvious for one times. In general, it is still relatively mild mask. The old French brand professionally study the anti-old product. In recently, I bought the a new eye cream from this brand. When I run out of it will report it.



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