La mer the Lifting and Firming Mask


Lamer the Lifting and Firming Mask: This is a mask that is full of points for other function but does not fit. I do not understand why to call this name. But, this mask is really I used all the sleep mask in the top1. Always feel sleep mask = acne, because the skin cannot breathe all night. But it definitely not, creamy texture of the mask. It be absorbed quickly, lamer classic smell, and then massage the way according to circular motion. The absorption is particularly fast, instant feeling mask absorbed, feels a kind of matte texture.


Do not have to use every day, I have two or three times a week, or stay up all night when the skin is not good, before going to bed applied with a massage method on the instructions, in fact, circular motion. And go to sleep directly, wake up the next morning will be surprised by my own skin condition. There is no sense of burnout, like sleeping eight hours after the skin condition.


The official statement is finished after 10 minutes and then applied with cream, but I do not like to applied thick before sleep, I always feel the skin can not breathe. so everyone applied according to your own preferences. I feel this sleep mask can replace the cream, is Lamer classic cream enhanced version.


The key to praise is that the texture of the brush that is also very good. But I was reluctant to use brush to apply this expensive mask. According to the instruction, use the finger pulp or brush to apply the mask, so it can be directly with your fingertips does not matter.


Finally, I have to talk about the lamer bottle design, a huge box, opened and found the jar is also very heavy, in fact, the mask only 50ml.



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