Albion Skin Condition Essential

Albion Skin Condition Essential:


The Skin Condition Essential is controversial products. So I bought the smallest bottle to try, with a big fresh bottle of milk. It seems to continue to buy the Albion Skin Condition Essential. The overall feeling, it does not bring amazing effect that like SK2, but it does not irritate that like CPB the skin. Overall, it is very comfortable, and I will repurchase.

Using feelings:

the order of skin care is different to like before. It will use the milk first, after that apply the toner. This toner comes with a very nostalgic soapy fragrance, I quite like it. Although it contains the alcohol, more soft than CPB. After using, the skin is not oily and fresh.For dry skin, it does not have distinct effect. And because the oil control, the skin would become very dry. But for the skin occasionally out of the problem of mixed skin, can play a good calming effect. It is used for long-term will assist to balance water and oil for skin.


it is not amazing but very comfortable. Prevention effect is greater than the treatment. If you have had pimple on face, the Albion toner would not improve your condition. If you occasionally have problems, hoping to achieve the effect of calm, the Albion toner more suitable for first aid.





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