Eyebrow’s product

Today’s topic is eye brow

First, it is the Anastasia that a waterproof pomade. That name is Dipbrow Pomade. This creamy product can easy to apply on your brow. It is the idea product for the oily skin. In the summer, I tried to apply this product to swim. It still can keep on your brow. But, this product is applied with an angled brush with short. I recommend the brush that is Anastasia number12. It is perfect to fill in arches with the Dipbrow Pomade.


Second, it is an eyebrow pencil that also come from the Anastasia. It has super thin refill to easily outline. So if you are looking for a bit of touch up that is perfect and looks natural. But, I do like the brush with this eyebrow pencil. It is thinner than my other brushes, and it more soft than other one.

Third, the Color Pop eyebrow pencil seems like the Anastasia eyebrow pencil. But, the color is too easily color to easily control. I just gently draw my eyebrow. It still looks like distinct. And the brushes in not very soft, when I brush my eyebrow I feel a little painful.

Next, it is eyebrow pencil as well. It is the angled refill, so it very suits my shape of eyebrow. And it can last on my face all day, if I do not touch it. and the important thing is that the price is very cheap.




This blog is all my feelings, if you like something that I mentioned that I don’t like in my blog, I say sorry to you. I don’t want to express something is not good, which just not suit me.

If you have any question, please comment with my blog. My pleasure to talk with you about the any cosmetics^ ^

And thank you to read my blog^ ^



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