Today I am going to introduce my blush.

The first one is my favorite NARS blush. The NARS color is red but combine with little pink and contain many golden shiners. It is very beautiful. I really use it everyday. It will make your complexion better, and high-noticeable color. You only need to take a brush gently sweep the cheek, it will make you immediately become very confident.


The Color Pop blush is the creamy texture. Its color is very shallow, not so easy to color. So, it’s good to control, if you think the color is light, you can also paint twice again to deepen the color. But this color number I may choose wrong, because it seems to my skin color is very dim. So I might go and buy other colors and try again.

The third one is Bobbi Brown. This may be a high light, but I have been using it as a blush. It is very flash, and texture is very delicate. If I use this blush, I will not use the highlighter again. And the color is very tender and very cute. But it is not lasting time in the face, so if you go out, you may need to make up at any time.

The last one is Chanel. This is contour plate that contain 3 colors, pink, white and light brown. I always use the pink one combine with the white one together. Like the Bobbi Brown the highlighter and blush 2 in 1. I have to say that the smelling is very nice that is faint floral. Even the color is too light to appear, but, cause the smelling, I like it.

This blog is all my feelings, if you like something that I mentioned in my blog, I ‘m saying sorry to you. I don’t want to express something is not good, which just not suit me.

If you have any question, please comment with my blog. My pleasure to talk with you about the any cosmetics^ ^

And thank you to read my blog^ ^


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